Village Builders in Action – Video Interviews: Part 1

​​Village Building is an intentional process of community connection, serving to connect people-with-people and people-with-nature. ​Check out what two 8 Shields Village Builder alumni are ​​doing in their local communities:

​In this video, 8 Shields mentor Josh Lane interviews Janani Eswar ( and Siddharth Bharath ( about their experiences with implementing Village Building strategies and techniques in their ongoing community projects.

​Janani and Siddharth's stories ​highlight a unique strategy for change that has been successfully implemented by many other communities around the world, too. These tools and strategies ​ are designed for building a spirit of collaboration, and enabling mentoring and planning powerful gatherings.  Learn more how to get started with these regenerative practices using the 8 Shields Village Building Map, a pathway for building strong community connections and resiliency.

Want help implementing Village Building step-by-step in your community, school, or team?

Learn more about our Pathways to Village Building 9-month distance training, where you can engage with a dynamic learning community of peers and experienced mentors. Cohort members gain a comprehensive roadmap and tools for supporting connection that help you to build engagement and resilience for groups of all sizes.

If you are a community builder, school leader, volunteer coordinator, or anyone interested in deepening connection and engagement for members of your community or team, you can learn and implement these strategies, and adapt them for your community’s needs, too.

Join us for the next cohort of Pathways to Village Building, our nine-month distance training in the art of positive changemaking for community connection and resilience.

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Our north star is to re-awaken the attributes of deep nature connection in people and in turn help heal the widespread disconnection and loss of culture worldwide.