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Stories of Healing

How ancient nature connection mentoring practices can unlock your unique genius, heal historic trauma and awaken your full potential.

Call Date & Time: Wednesday October 14, 2015 @ 1PM Pacific Time

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Join us for inspiring and fascinating true stories from the Kalahari and around the world about how ancient nature connection mentoring practices, that have been refined and developed over thousands of years, have healed and activated people’s unique genius. For many years, Jon Young has translated and shared these ancient practices in a modern context. Jon has applied these tools successfully to help people of all ages generate powerful connection and healing in their lives. This unique mentoring pathway awakens the attributes of connection: happiness, vitality, the ability to listen deeply to others, empathy, helpfulness, gratitude and love of life, compassion, forgiveness, and the quiet mind.

Through long-term mentoring in collaboration with nature, Jon has seen these connective qualities emerge in people through a very particular set of patterns or “sign-posts” along the way. By understanding and working alongside this pattern language, mentors can help awaken both healing and genius in those that they support. 8 Shields is excited to share these stories of healing and transformation through this free call. After all, we know that many people ask and wonder:

“What can I do to make a difference for others?”

“How can I bring more connection and wellness for myself, my family, or my community?”

“How can I get started?”


Others, too, may already be in paths of service offering healing or mentoring or other gifts, but are looking for ways to go deeper and leverage even more healing and change through their work. We will share stories in this free call that explore the restoration of the attributes of connection with children who had been experiencing many challenges. Learn how strategic nature based practices can heal and awaken each child’s deepest powerful gifts and love for life.

What were the lost practices that Jon used to make this work so effective? We will look at the roots of what some people like to call intuitive tracking or animal communication through stories of tracking with the masters of connection and awareness, the San bushmen in the Kalahari.


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Jon Young

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Josh Lane

Along with sharing these stories and insights, Jon also seeks to identify and activate those people who would like to engage in these practices with him over 6 months. Coming soon, 8 Shields will be opening spaces in a unique six month in-depth journey with Jon and his colleague Josh Lane. Jon mentored Josh for many years in the skills of tracking, bird language and the art of mentoring ever since Josh was a teenager. Josh has in turn mentored people of all ages from youth to adults over the past 18 years, and specializes in leveraging the deep nature connection journey for positive transformation. The call will include details about this unique upcoming opportunity to experience this lineage of deep nature connection mentoring and be part of the movement of these ancient skills through time.


NOTE: This free teleseminar has already taken place. Sign-up and we’ll send you a link to download as soon as it’s ready!