Kamana Two: Path of the Naturalist

A pathway to embodied connection with the nature of your bioregion. . .

The Path of the Naturalist introduces two complementary approaches to connecting with nature: the Nature Awareness Trail, and the Resource Trail.

The skill-sets of these two pathways are brought together in this second level of the Kamana journey and are deepened each month with specific field exercises and journaling techniques. This level requires at least 4 months to complete.

Nature Awareness Trail

Hone your observation skills and relationship with nature through monthly field exercises.

Learn awareness techniques fore reading the story of the land and seasons and the plants and animals that live in your region.

Nature Awareness Field packs include:

  • The Secret Spot: The core routine for creating a deep relationship with your ecosystem.
  • The Sense Meditation: Developing presence and connection with each moment through the senses and Storyteller’s Mind
  • The Thanksgiving Address: A core routine of awareness and connection.

Resource Trail

Deepen your knowledge of your local ecosystem and learn effective techniques for learning the most from field guides and other resources.

Focus areas include:

  • Hazards
  • Mammals
  • Plants
  • Ecological Indicator species
  • Trees
  • Birds

Specific field guides are recommended for each level of the program.

Includes: 3 ring binder with Songline, Nature Awareness Trail, and Resource Trail spiral ring booklets.

Options include student services and certification, available at extra cost through Wilderness Awareness School.

Kamana Levels 3 and 4 are available only through Wilderness Awareness School and require completion of level 2.

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