Kamana One: Exploring Natural Mystery

Kamana: The Complete and Original Naturalist Training Program

Learn how to look deeply into the natural world anywhere you travel.

Use today’s best nature resources and turn dry facts into useful, living knowledge.

Find solitude in the wilderness for self-development and self-awareness.

Move with grace and ease in the wilderness using birds and animals as teachers.

Begin to understand the secrets of scout invisibility.

Enhance observation skills through sensory awareness and questioning.

Develop greater confidence and trust in your instincts and intuition.

Kamana One embarks you on the Kamana Journey (a four level program in all) and it only takes a few weeks to complete. It will bring you through two weeks of awareness exercises and six areas of ecological study using a field guide and CDs/MP3s narrated by Jon Young.

*(The required field guide and CDs are sold separately; the Seeing Through Native Eyes CD set is available on our site. The Reader’s Digest Guide to North American Wildlife is available from most book stores).

Kamana 1 will not only help you see if the entire Kamana program is for you, it will also help you begin to see the world through “native eyes.”

250 pages, softcover.