From Boys to Men of Heart: Hunting as Rite of Passage

by Randall Eaton, Ph.D.


The award-winning producer of the Sacred Hunt film series presents a timely and comprehensive new book about hunting as a rite of passage, a connection point to deeper empathy and stewardship of the natural world. 280 pages, softcover.

Topics explored include:

  • Why Hunting is Good Medicine for Kids
  • Why Hunters Save the World – hunters as stewards and conservationists
  • Certainty, Uncertainty and the Sacred
  • The Healing Power of Ritual
  • The Stages of Human Development
  • Buddhism, Hunting, and Ethics
  • Awakening Instincts
  • Art as a Rite of Passage


“I LOVE THE WAY this book has us look more deeply into ‘hunting’. . .Eaton returns us to the sacred nature of this relationship. . .that was deeply honored by indigenous peoples.”

– Meredith Little, co-founder of The School of Lost Borders, co-author, Book of the Vision Quest

“IN DEPTH EXPLORATION of the Hunter’s world, philosophically, culturally, spiritually. The book talks to the philosopher, psychologist, conservationist, wildlife manager, clergy and the Hunter. A major contribution to literature.”

– Bob Norton, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Wisconsin, author of The Hunter: Developmental Stages and Ethics

“A PENETRATING AND MASTERFUL piece of scholarship that interweaves at least a dozen disciplines into a profound theory of male development. . . an intriguing formula. . .that harmonizes nature with male spiritual development. . . will become a major title. . .”

– Michael Gurian, best-selling author of The Wonder of Boys, A Fine Young Man, and The Purpose of Boys