Exploring Bird Language

About the Book

Book Title: Discover Nature Awareness: Exploring Bird Language, by Geoffrey McMullan. Forward by Jon Young.

Format: Softcover, 132 pages. Ships from the United Kingdom by Pathfinder UK

Topic: A book of engaging games for teaching bird language.

These exciting games can be played at a beginner’s level up to the more advanced level, depending on the group you are working with, or even just to have lots of fun with your family and friends.

Interpreting bird language is an art form. Each game is designed to help you to connect with the birds and to understand their language, and you do not need to even know their names.

Who Is This For? Whether you’re a bushcraft school running bird language courses, a forest school or a scout leader, a teacher, or you just have an interest in nature and birds, then Exploring Bird Language is the book for you.


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Thoughts from Leading Nature Connection Experts:

“Discover Nature Awareness is really great. It’s got such a nice, concise treatment of some very important parts of the nature connection journey. I really like the book and found it useful immediately… Impressive.”

-Jon Young (author of ‘What the Robin Knows’)

“Thanks, for adding so well to the literature of nature awareness for pioneers like Jon Young.”

-Richard Louv (author of ‘Last Child in the Woods’)

“I really like your books.”

-Joseph Cornell (author of ‘Share Nature’)


Book Contents:

Part 1 – Understanding the Games

Includes basic theory for understanding bird language and behavior in the field, and awareness practices.

Part 2 – The Games

Includes 22 inspiring games for learning bird language.

Part 3 – Personal Accounts

Read instructive true stories of bird language in action.