Echoes of Kenya & Other Poems by Ingwe

Poems by Ingwe

Ingwe, born M. Norman Powell in Kenya in 1914, shares his vivid and heartfelt poems about a life lived in the splendor and awe of the African wilderness. Grandfather of Wilderness Awareness School, Ingwe was raised and initiated as a warrior of the Akamba tribe.

Ingwe spent countless childhood days learning to track and hunt with the young warriors of the tribe, and evenings held in the arms of the elders hearing stories by the fire with the other children.

During his life, Ingwe became very involved in the Scouting movement and shared the wisdom and magic of the wilderness with thousands of youth both in Africa and the United States. He became the Grandfather, the Storyteller, the “weaver of dreams and visions” around the camp fire at Wilderness Awareness School. Ingwe’s magical storytelling skills empower these poems with the enduring spirit of the earth.

According to Ingwe,

People need to reach out and touch. They must learn to think positively of what can be accomplished. Though the Africans taught me the skills for survival, lore and language, the greatest gift I received from them was a spirituality which centered on the wilderness. This gift has inspired me to pass it on to the many hundreds of youth whom I have had the opportunity to teach over the course of my life. Insight comes often to people, but the wilderness makes it all so clear. . .”

57 pages. Softcover.