Animal Tracking Basics

Learn the routines and practices that will help you connect with animals through their tracks and sign. Product Details.

Exploring Bird Language

A book of exciting and very informative bird language games for all ages. Product Details.

What the Robin Knows

Learn the hidden secrets of nature through the language of the birds. Product Details.

Coyote's Guide to Connecting with Nature

The comprehensive guide to the core routines, games, and philosophy of deep nature connection mentoring. Product Details.

Kamana One: Exploring Natural Mystery

A 2 week basic nature connection primer with fun awareness games & naturalist skills. Product Details.

Kamana 2: Path of the Naturalist

Guided at home study course. Expand your senses, learn to identify local plants and animals, and learn to feel at home in nature.  Product Details.

A Man Among the Helpers

A true story of initiation through a traditional apprenticeship with a native healer. Product Details.

From Boys to Men of Heart

Learn how hunting serves as a rite of passage both into adulthood and into greater ecological connection. Product Details.


The inspiring true story of Ingwe's life, from magical  encounters with leopards to experiencing rites of passage and beyond. Product Details.

Echoes of Kenya

Experience the magic of Kenya's wild through the soulful poems of Ingwe, Grandfather of the Deep Nature Connection movement. Product Details.