Tracking Pack One with Jon Young

Explore the skills and techniques of the tracker with master tracker Jon Young.


CD One -What Tracking Can Do For You

Tracking is truly a way of thinking and a powerful tool for observation. It makes one a master of the art of questioning.


CD Two – Spirit Tracking & Other Feats of Native Awareness

There are many hair-raising, adventurous and inspirational stories from the world of trackers. These happenings make us question the human potential of awareness and intelligence. Listen to stories from Jon Young as he relates tales of finding animal’s “spirit trails” without seeing their tracks. The stories are inspiring, true, and grounded in experience from the author and trackers all over the world.


CD Three – Recipes for Intuitive Tracking

Learn how to increase your own “spirit tracking” and instinctive abilities through stories of cultures and situations that produce the world’s finest trackers.


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