The Art of Mentoring & Coyote Teaching

With Jon Young with Ellen Haas

How have natives taught their children the complex arts of living off the land?

How did they awaken instinct and spirit and a burning desire to know? How did they get children to learn for themselves?
Can these educational methods help us to teach our children today?

Building a bridge between traditional & modern education. . .

Native people have traditionally taught their children to understand the world by mentoring them in nature’s ways. Mentoring emphasizes adopting students as if they were kin, appreciating individuality, inspiring a need to know, and improvising to let nature be the teacher. Coyote teaching strategies like questioning storytelling and tracking will inspire student curiosity and encourage self-sufficiency both in the fields and in the classroom.

This recording is narrated by naturalist and storyteller Jon Young and spiced with voices of Wilderness Awareness School mentors and students. It tells the story of native “invisible schools” and draws out some principles for mentoring in today’s teaching circumstances.

For parents, outdoor educators, homeschoolers, classroom teachers, youth leaders, community teachers, and anyone seeking ways to teach nature literacy and guide children to be eager and inquisitive life-long learners.


 Total playing time: 90 minutes

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