Reclaiming Our Natural Connections with Jon Young

For hundreds of thousands of years there have been people living on the Earth, sharing their lives with the myriad intermingled life forms supporting them. The human body has many “tracks and signs” of this ancient legacy of nature connection.

Until just the last few decades and generations, the human family mostly maintained a critical mass of these connections intact.

Now, we are all realizing, for our well-being and the well-being of the natural systems that support us, it’s time for us to re-claim our natural connections.

Join master storyteller and lifetime advocate of nature connection mentoring, Jon Young, for more than seven hours of reflections and stories on regaining the quality of connection with nature that our ancestors enjoyed.

The 8 CD Set includes:

* Track 1Nature as Nutrition; Relationship Before Information*

Track 2 – The Power of Curiosity*

Track 3 – The Time Before TV; The Children’s Trails

* Track 4 – Motivating Species; The Art of Questioning

* Track 5 – What Hazards Teach About Awareness

* Track 6 – Building Ropes With Nature

* Track 7 – What if?

* Track 8 – Mentoring Native Eyes

* Track 9 – Children’s Universal Passions & Motivating Species; Knowing the Animals

* Track 10 – Rediscovering Timelessness; the In-the-Body-Experience

* Track 11 – Sit Spot; Letting Curiosity Guide You

* Track 12 – Returning to Our Home on the Earth

* Track 13 – Connecting with the Plants; The Crickets’ Song

* Track 14 – Telling the Story of the Day; Cultivating Forgiveness; Bio-feedback

* Track 15 – The Implications of Connection

* Track 16 – Emphasizing Relationship; Whole-Body Learning

* Track 17 – The Symptoms of Awareness

* Track 18 – Reflecting on a Lineage of Mentoring

* Track 19 – Coyote


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