Folklore & Legends of the Akamba

Hear ancient tales of the Akamba as recalled and written by Ingwe, told by Victor Wooten, with music by Kai Eckhardt.

On this wonderful audio compilation, Victor Wooten lends his heart and his voice to the words of Ingwe’s tribal family from Kenya East Africa.

Hear the tales told to Ingwe over many, many nights, beneath stars brilliant and as plentiful as the grains of sand in the Savanna. The lights of the village fires dance off of the faces of the children whose eyes sparkle with the reflection of the dancing light – with the mystery of the dancing stories. The love of the elders is present and eternal. Or is it?

The village fires around which Ingwe was raised have long grown cold. The children of the earth whose faces surrounded Ingwe’s when he was a boy have long faded from view, their names now disappearing into the mists of time. Ingwe, the last of these children, remembers when. . .

Won’t you join us by this fire now?