Advanced Bird Language with Jon Young

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Advanced Bird Language:

Reading the Concentric Rings of Nature

An engaging learning journey with storyteller Jon Young

How is it that the cougar, bear, and the coyote can live so close to us, yet never be seen?

Similarly, how is it that the native scout can move silently through the forest without being detected?

It is no coincidence that they all have one thing in common: they understand the language of the forest.

  • Hear of ancient natives who were able to tell of the far-off movements of animals and people people seeing or hearing them.
  • See how cultivating your senses by listening to the birds can reduce the stresses caused by our modern lifestyles
  • Learn how the birds and animals communicate through easy-to-interpret songs, calls, and body language
  • Discover how to move invisibly through the forest around the “alarm triggers” of the birds
  • Understand why cultures around the world have linked birds to spirituality throughout the ages.

9 Hours of playing time.


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