The Song of Connection: Music, Storytelling & the Art of Mentoring

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Join Jon Young for a special conversation about the power of connection-focused music and storytelling and what these have to do with accessing our greatest potential – both individually and and in community.

In this teleseminar, Jon Young will be sharing deep insights on:

    • What is creativity and what activities bring it on best?
    • How music can increase our connection to each other and nature
    • What is the role of the storyteller’s mind in increasing our ability to expand consciousness and connection?
    • How we can use music and storytelling as a way to open our channels for communication with nature?


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Jon Young

As a world-renowned author, speaker and tracker, Jon Young has been mentoring groups and individuals in deep nature connection and culture repair for over 30 years. Jon tunes our ears, eyes and minds into the nearly lost art of bird and animal communication, reveals how to easily decode their messages and why this is an essential survival skill–this ancient discipline gives people an edge in their modern lives, including their perception of complex human interactions, heightened creativity and understanding of entire ecological systems.

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