Teaching the World

“We Bushmen can help you the modern people with the healing of culture so that modern people can be happy again like the Bushmen are.” - Xaba, an elder woman

The Bushmen are well aware that the dominant socio-economic culture most of us live in creates isolation and disconnection, not only from the natural world, but from each other. They know that the skills and knowledge they are struggling to keep alive are also important for the health of humankind.

These first peoples, for 99% of human evolution, tuned our minds, our intellectual and visionary ability, and progressively developed our way of thinking and connecting with the world around us.

The San Bushmen in this community are committed to service and connection with their culture. In their self-facilitation, they disallow alcohol and drug influences to the best of their ability, and have a very clear communication process around their needs and their vision. Their governance structure includes both elders and key leaders.

As we look for solutions to the unintended consequences of industrialization and modern life, such as widespread environmental damage, disconnection, and depression, it is imperative that we recognize the value of the Bushmen’s culture. There is much we can learn from their knowledge of living in a deeply connected way to nature, to oneself and to each other.

We are at a crucial time not only in the history of the San Bushmen, but in the history of all humankind, where the ancient ways of humanity are in danger of disappearing. These ways have value, not only for the Bushmen culture, but for humankind as a whole as we move further and further from the natural world, and see the impact that this disconnection from nature, each other, and ourselves is having on our health and happiness. As we recognize the importance of learning from these traditions, we also have the capacity to ensure that the invaluable knowledge that they represent is preserved for all generations to come.

“I would love to see our families connect to their families and truly learn what it means to be a hunter-gatherer culture. And just to share some time and experience with them without it being a tourist thing, but just a place of connection, of love and understanding, and have our young people go and learn from them and be advocates of connection all around the world that these people hold in their DNA, in their resonance of being.” - Phil Greenwood

These Bushmen are committed and unified to work in partnership with Nicole and Jon to co-create a cultural education project. They feel they have a responsibility to share what they know and to help their fellow human, no matter what. The trip participants (from North and South America, Europe, Southern Africa and Australia - so far) that Nicole and Jon bring to visit the Bushmen are deeply transformed by their experiences with these wonderful people.

This community understands firsthand that people must work together to lead happy, healthy lives, because Bushmen communities living on the land depend on each other for survival. In that same light, they are now asking for their friends worldwide to come together to help them continue to live and maintain the knowledge that has allowed humankind to thrive for millennia on this planet.

Bushmen elder Xhoeta explains it like this: “When we are out in the bush and we meet people we don’t know, we help them. Everyone should be like that, and now we need the world’s help.”

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