​Renewal of Creative Path​:
​Supporting Well-Being Through Connection

​A New 3 Part Online Series with Jon Young


​Intention, Connection, and Creativity...

How can you walk in alignment with your deepest visions and gifts​? 

Showing up as our best, most creative selves in life is not an accident.

​Traditional cultures have long understood that showing up in our highest creativity is an art form, placing an ongoing priority on celebrating and cultivating the positive. ​This opens a path for connection to flow in our lives.

Today, we need to restore our understanding of how to support our own creative paths, so that we can step into creating the lives we truly envision for our families, communities, and environment.

​Rediscovering Connection & Creativity

The river of life has some stones and sticks in it. As we flow along, there’s also some things we unintentionally pick up as we bump into stuff along the way - wounds and scars, both large and small.

These wounds may create blockages that can cloud our ability to see our highest potential, or to speak our fullest truths. Part of renewing our creativity is recognizing and releasing these blocks, and even discovering the hidden gifts they offer us. 

​Rising Above "Default Mode"

We tend to default to what we know, especially when life gets busy. Default Mode isn’t always optimal, though - sometimes, it’s far from it. Creating a life that’s intentionally based on connection is different from running on autopilot. 

Connection needs to be modeled to be felt. It requires a sensitivity and a process that supports relationship to develop.

As we renew our paths, we deepen our relationship to our own inner longings and gifts, and to those we co-create with in our lives. Through working with an intentional Renewal process, we rise above Default Mode and bring a new level of connection into our lives.

​If you're ready to envision a new and enlivened path forward, join us for this year's Renewal of Creative Path Webinar Series with Jon Young.


​The Sessions:

​Learn the Renewal of Creative Path process through these three recorded sessions with Jon Young,

​and go through the training at your own pace (you'll also get long-term access to all the materials).

​Session 1: Living with Real Connection

​​Session 1:

We’ve all had those “magic” moments, whether reveling in a beautiful sunrise, looking timelessly into a lover’s eye, or getting in the flow with a favorite hobby or team experience.

In these times we feel especially connected, integrated into our own being in connection with the people and the larger environment we are related to. 

Really, the tools and processes we work with in the 8 Shields model are all about accessing this state of connection, so we can enjoy it more in all aspects of our life. But what supports connection to unfold in your life? What blocks it?

Not understanding this is what stops many people in their tracks as they strive to create more engaging and meaningful lives.

This first session is dedicated to exploring the ins and outs of connection and how it supports the creative process. You’ll also come away with ​fun tools for bringing more connection into the holiday season and other community experiences.

​Session 2: Gathering the Stories

​​Session 2:

With a firm understanding of the connective process in place, we are now ready to dive into a deeper set of tools that open the door to renewing our creative paths.

There’s an old saying that informs our starting point: “To see where you are going, understand where you have been.” This wisdom teaches us that the first step in reconnecting with our deepest visions is to track what’s been happening in our lives. Clues that point towards our gifts and visions are left throughout the fabric of our lives, if we have the awareness to find them.

Many traditional cultures dedicate time for this inner tracking on an annual basis, both to recount the successes, learn from the challenges, and to collectively celebrate the unfolding of the Mystery of life. 

  • Engage with tools for tracking your own unfolding connection with Nature, and with your unique gifts and talents.

  • Learn how synchronicity or “mysterious happenstance” is traditionally considered an indicator of alignment with your life’s purpose, and how to work with this potent barometer of Vision.

We will also share effective tools for developing your own connective network of peers and anchors who can help catch your stories; learn why this one piece is so crucial to propelling your journey forward, and how to leverage peer-to-peer sharing for long-term success on your creative path.

​Session 3: Visioning From Past to Future

​​Session 3:

Having gathered the story of what’s been unfolding in our lives in the last year, we are now prepared to step back and take a much larger view on the creative patterns at work in our lives.

Learn how to track the visionary pathway of your life’s journey, to realize your deepest aspirations and add a new layer of intentionality to your unfolding journey.

  • Practice ​Inner Tracking ​to add new perspectives to your internal awareness. 

  • Learn tools for releasing the past so that you can move forward freely to manifest your highest visions and goals.

By the end of this session, all of the understandings that we’ve cultivated in the series will be gathered together into the Ideal Scene practice, which supports you in crafting your renewed vision and stepping it forward.

​Meet ​Jon Young

Jon’s work has been the researching, collecting, universalizing and applying of models for re-Connection. 

For over thirty five years, he has collected, tested, trained and led Connection models that have proven dependable and predictable in their effectiveness. Drawn from earth-based approaches, these models are ergonomic in their application—they are neither philosophical or based on any one belief structure.

These approaches meet us at our most basic neurobiological foundations, and are a way of learning and developing in nature that is universal to our “blueprint” as human beings.

Jon started studying Peace Principles in cultural systems in 1979, applying them first to a project co-founded with M. Norman “Ingwe” Powell in 1983. From 1990 to 2000 he worked directly with highly experienced elders, who became his teachers and friends, the founding members of the Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) Tree of Peace Society.

Together, with many others, they developed the 8 Shields model, integrating Peace Principles and processes that apply in modern times, whilst remaining respectful to the original teachings.

​Thoughts from Jon. . .


“With Renewal, we're going into a different realm than most people are used to visiting...

​This process shifts people's awareness of the role of connection and culture in their lives, and how they can have a direct influence on it… 

We can become aware of the effect of connection and the benefits it brings, and thereby we can increase connection in our lives for our families, our friends, and within our organizations.”

-Jon Young, ​8 Shields Founder

Is This Course Right For ​Me?

​This Course is for you if:

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    ​You desire a more connected, creative experience in your life 
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    ​You value the combined power of intention and deep inner tracking to open new vistas of connection
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    ​You're ready for a deep dive into an effective renewal process, either to optimize what's already working, or to ​re-appraise any aspects of life that are ready for some change
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    ​You want step-by-step guidance in a process that's helped hundreds of people around the globe 

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