Nourishing Life: An Interview with Karen Joy Fletcher and Nate Summers

About the Podcast: 

In this podcast, Karen Joy Fletcher and Nate Summers share about the philosophy and practices of Nourishing Life, a holistic approach to well-being that brings together wellness in mind, body and spirit through living in tune with the cycles of Nature.

Karen and Nate have been teaching about and practicing the wisdom of philosophy of Yangsheng or Nourishing Life for over 20 years.  This is a series of deep practices that are the core principles behind systems such as Chinese Medicine, Qigong, and Internal Martial Arts.

In the interview, discover:

  • How the quest for healing can lead one on the path of the Healer
  • How Nourishing Life practices relate to the Southwest Shield of the 8 Shields mentoring model
  • Two simple but often overlooked practices for supporting well-being

Karen Joy Fletcher is a Cultural anthropologist, writer and qigong instructor. Karen loves sharing her passions of qigong, dance and wilderness training with people around the world.  She is a personal student of ZY Qigong Grandmaster XuMingtang, and has trained and traveled with him at Shaolin Monastery in China and worldwide.

In addition, Karen has trained for years with Mick “the Barefoot Sensei” Dodge and offers unique qigong and Earthgym programs in the wilderness, city parks and at retreat centers, including Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon and Omega Institute in New York.

Nate Summers, author of Primal

Nate Summers, M.Ac. has been a student of, practitioner of, and teacher of Qigong, Chinese Medicine, Internal Martial Arts and Natural Healing Arts for over two decades.  He is the author of Primal: Why We Long to Be Wild and Free and Awakening Fire: The Essential Guide to Flame, Ignition, and Wood.  

Nate has served as a faculty member at the Wilderness Awareness School, the Desert Institute of Healing Arts, and the Asian Institute of Medical Studies.  He deeply loves plants and empowering others in their health journey by connecting them to the Green World all around them.  Nate has taught survival skills, ethnobotany, herbal medicine and natural movement to people all over the country and all over the world.  He loves foraging for wild foods with his family, playing outside barefoot wild and free, and making medicine.

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