Mindfulness In Nature: A Featured Podcast

Learn about meditating in nature with Josh Lane, author of Conscious Nature, on this episode of the Wilderness and Wellness podcast.

​This week, 8 Shields mentor Josh Lane was interviewed on the Wilderness and Wellness Podcast. Josh is the author of the book, Conscious Nature: The Art and Neuroscience of Meditating In Nature. In his work at 8 Shields, Josh specializes in guiding mentoring ​individuals one-to-one on the journey of deep nature connection through transformative mentoring, tracking, and bird language skills.

In the interview, Josh shares about the practice of mindfulness in Nature -- including how this benefits us and positively changes the brain, how to get started or deepen your existing ​routines, and how mindful awareness relates to cultivating depth in our nature connection journeys.  Josh also shares a 10 minute guided meditation to support your practice.

Check out the full episode here on the Wilderness and Wellness Podcast.

8 Shields

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