Learning Pathways

Nature Connection Pathway

Learn core routines you can do anywhere to connect with the natural world and access your unique genius.

Awakening the Senses
Online Course

Experience guided daily sensory practices in this engag 6 week online training. Jon Young & Josh Lane share proven techniques for more presence and connection with nature. Learn More...

Backyard Bird Language Online Course

Birds are sentinels of the forest. their calls spread warning of people, hidden animals, and hawks on the wing. Learn ​to read nature's "secret" language in this 6 week go-at-your-own pace training with Jon Young & Josh Lane. ​​Learn More...

Embodying Nature Online Course

Deep nature connection, bird language, and holistic tracking are core routines that empower your connection with the earth. Hear inspiring stories and get an overview and introduction to these arts in this series recorded from 3 live trainings. Learn More...

Kamana Naturalist Training

Revolving around the sit spot practice, this depth training guides you in naturalist skills blended with traditional wisdom practices. Your understanding of nature will reach a new level through this go-at-your-own pace training. Learn More.

What the Robin Knows: How the Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World

Jon Young shares a window into the hidden world of nature through the voices and behavior of the birds. Get the book here.

"Jon Young is one of the heroes of the new nature movement, an expansion of traditional environmentalism. With What the Robin Knows, he opens a door to a universe that overlaps modern life, a world lost to most, but found by some—because of teachers like Jon. This elegant book will deepen the kinship between humans and other species. It decodes our common language.”

—Richard Louv, author of The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods

Connection Facilitator's Pathway

Discover tools and practices for supporting the connection journey for yourself & others.

Village Talk

Weekly distance group mentoring. Join the conversation with other connection-minded folks on topics related to mentoring, community building, and nature. Learn More.

Designing for Peace

Fire Tenders Audio Series

Coming Soon... Learn to hold space with deep listening for supporting the nature connection process.

All About Anchoring Toolkit

Coming soon...Learn how to create a network of anchors for catching and supporting your emerging stories as you travel the connection journey. Essential Culture Repair for nature connection & rites of passage.

Cultural Mentoring Pathway

Learn to repair and build connective culture in your neighborhood, at your organization, program or event, or to empower your social change initiative.

Acorn Leaders Audio Toolkit

Learn to understand & embody the 8 Natural Archetypes that make up an "Acorn" Team, for empowering facilitation skills and creating truly connective events. Learn More...

Rebuilding Nature Connected Communities

9 month distance training. Learn how to use the 8 Shields Model to create an intergenerational nature-based mentoring village where you live that awakens each persons full potential  Learn More...

The 64 Cultural Elements

Coming soon... Learn universal connective elements found in cultures around the world that can enhance your programs, classes and events.

Village Building Pathway

This is an invitation to join a global movement of support in the best practices of culture repair, nature based mentoring, peacemaking, healing grief, and community building.

Village Builders Toolkit

Coming Soon... Get the 10,000 foot view of what Village Building is, its goals, and the essential framework to begin building your implementation map for your project, school, community, or team.

Village Builders Consulting & Training

Get step-by-step guidance in Village Building for your community, school, organization or project. Learn More...

Grief Tending & Visionary Pathways

Renewal of Creative Path Toolkit

Bring forward your deepest visions and "ideal scene" for your life through this step-by-step visionary training. Learn More.