Learning Pathways

From nature connection to mentoring skills, choose your trail from our variety of unique learning pathways. Click the toggles below to view a selection of our current online trainings (See our Mentoring tab on the site menu for our 9 Month Distance Immersion training options for each Learning Pathway).

Learn at your own pace through impactful courses that are designed to help you connect with nature, community, and your unique genius.

Nature Connection Pathway

Learn core routines you can do anywhere to connect with the natural world and access your unique genius.

Connection Facilitator's Pathway

Discover tools and practices for supporting the connection journey for yourself & others.

Transformative Mentoring Pathway

Develop the Mentor's mindset and a proven toolbox for Mentoring others in deep nature connection and other transformative passages.

Cultural Mentoring Pathway

Learn to repair and build connective culture in your neighborhood, at your organization, program or event, or to empower your social change initiative.

Village Building Pathway

This is an invitation to join a global movement of support in the best practices of culture repair, nature based mentoring, peacemaking, healing grief, and community building.

Visionary Pathway

The connected Visionary serves through offering their unique creativity & genius to the world.