Repairing Emotional Isolation by Reawakening Deep Nature Connection – TEDX Talk with Jon Young

​​How can nature connection support greater emotional regulation and well-being? In this time of increased isolation that comes with social distancing, having strategies to increase wellness is more important than ever. ​In this talk at TEDx Grand Park, 8 Shields founder Jon Young delivers a refreshing perspective on how we can expand our awareness of […]

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Discovering Nature Through Bird Song – An Interview with Kristi Dranginis and Josh Lane

Learning bird song is a fun and effective way to identify the birds in your area.

Yet, ​even experienced birders often confide that “learning songs can feel daunting and overwhelming.”

Through stories of her own learning journey, Identify Any Bird, Anywhere author Kristi Dranginis shares with 8 Shields mentor Josh Lane how bird song opens an adventure into connection with Nature, and one key shift she made that you can apply, too, that can help you begin deepening your bird song skills.

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Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

​​At 8 Shields Institute, we stand in solidarity with Black communities nationwide and join in the collective grief over innocent lives lost.  We condemn state-sanctioned violence in all its forms. We join in the demand for investment in Black communities and the resources to ensure Black people not only survive, but thrive.We acknowledge, as a currently […]

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Mindfulness In Nature: A Featured Podcast

​This week, 8 Shields mentor Josh Lane was interviewed on the Wilderness and Wellness Podcast. Josh is the author of the book, Conscious Nature: The Art and Neuroscience of Meditating In Nature. In his work at 8 Shields, Josh specializes in guiding mentoring ​individuals one-to-one on the journey of deep nature connection through transformative mentoring, […]

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Approaching the Solstice – Shining the Light Within

winter snow

Today’s post is from 8 Shields mentor Josh Lane, author of the best-selling meditation book, Conscious Nature: The Art and Neuroscience of Meditating In Nature. Photo by Nathan Anderson, Unsplash​Entering the QuietAt this time in the Northern hemisphere, daylight is increasingly fleeting. Nights are reaching their longest stretches, and we move towards the shortest day […]

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A Journey Into the Living History of Lineage

​”Knowing where we are from builds ground underneath our feet.” – Mark Morey For those who don’t know Mark yet, he’s been instrumental in bringing the Art of Mentoring and 8 Shields leadership development to communities around the world over the last twenty years.Mark has recently returned from a deep journey of connection and research […]

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