Bird Language Tips with Kristi Dranginis and Dan Gardoqui

​Tuning Your Senses to the Bird's World

​A fun way to connect with the outdoors is by getting to know the world of the birds in your neighborhood.

Today we have two videos for you with tips from expert birders Dan Gardoqui and Kristi Dranginis, that will help you get to know your local birds, and how to start decoding their behavior.

​Apps or Fields Guides? What bird ID resource ​is right for me?

​For beginners just starting to learn the birds in your area -- or more experienced birders ​fine-tuning your ID skills -- there's a plethora of resources these days that you can turn to.

To help cut through the many options, Identify Any Bird Anywhere author Kristi Dranginis shares the pros and cons of choosing between field guides and apps. ​You'll also learn her favorite approach for making the most of ​these resources, so you can better figure out who your mystery feathered friend is. Watch her video ​below.

Cool fact: ​it's possible to start figuring out what a bird is talking about, even if you can't yet tell who the bird is... this is just one of the skills you can learn in this season's Bird Language Group Mentoring.

This small-group distance mentoring will be a chance to learn with both Kristi and expert birder Dan Gardoqui. Registration goes through this Monday May 18th. Learn more & reserve your spot here...

​Knowing When a Bird is in Baseline (or not) Through the Bungee Cord Principle

What might it be like to experience life in a bird’s world? When we connect with the birds through their sounds and behaviors, we get a window into their unique part of the natural world.

Birds share a universal language of sound and motion, signaling through their behavior if “all is well” or if “danger is near!”

To begin to understand their language, the first step is to learn the "baseline pattern" of behavior for a bird. Baseline is happening when the bird is singing, feeding, maintaining its territory, and going about its usual life tasks (i.e., not in a state of alarm). ​

In this video, bird language expert and Lead With Nature founder Dan Gardoqui shares how you can begin decoding a bird’s baseline through the “bungee cord effect.” This is a fun skill you can practice with the birds around your home, to step a bit further into their world.

​If you’d like to go even further, join Dan and Kristi ​for our Bird Language ​Group Mentoring series, designed to help you learn the key skills of bird language and take your field knowledge even further.

​This small group virtual experience is a chance to immerse in the world of your local birds, while learning the foundations and core field skills of bird language - how to interpret the behavior, voices, and interactions of the birds and how they relate with other animals, with each other - and with you! 

Registration for this year's Bird Language Group Mentoring ends this Monday, May 18th. Learn more & reserve your space here.

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