A Journey Into the Living History of Lineage

"Knowing where we are from

builds ground underneath our feet." - Mark Morey

For those who don’t know Mark yet, he’s been instrumental in bringing the Art of Mentoring and 8 Shields leadership development to communities around the world over the last twenty years.

Mark has recently returned from a deep journey of connection and research into his own ancestral lineage. ​He’s excited to share what he discovered, including a process that can help others who may be feeling disconnected from their lineage to reconnect.

Get introduced to Mark and the Quest that powers his journeys in this short audio story (including some haunting words of wisdom from an elder relative he met along the way): 

Mark Morey

​Go Further Into the Veil...

​Join us for a special free webinar session with Mark, The Elusive Quest For Elders: And How I Find Them.

The Elusive Quest for Elders: And How I Find Them with Mark Morey

​Join us for the live free webinar session on Monday Oct. 14th, or to get the recording:

Josh Lane