8 Shields Distance Immersions (2020-21)

We're excited to announce, we are now accepting applications for our newly revised 2020-21 8 Shields Distance Immersion programs!

Rebuilding Nature-Connected 
Lives & Communities

Rebuilding Nature-Connected Lives & Communities is designed for those seeking to learn how to practically experience and apply the 8 Shields Natural Cycle and Acorn Teams approach.

This engaging methodology is based on observation of natural patterns, applied to group dynamics and community building activities. The 8 Shields map is utilized by organizations and communities around the world to support high-connection, person-to-person and person-to-Nature relationships.

When applied, the tools foster dynamic team-building and rapport, leveraging individual strengths and also supporting greater resilience and leadership qualities to emerge across teams and for those they serve.

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Pathways to 
illage Building

A Village Builder sees and supports the big picture of what's happening in their community, guided by a "North Star" of connection, well-being, and engagement for all community members.

Village Builders collaborate with other stakeholders to intentionally design a pathway that helps community members experience and grow together towards collectively-defined goals.

Through the 8 Shields Village Building Map, learn how to weave a basket of support in doing this, so you don't have to go it alone... after all, it takes a Village to raise a Village!

This distance training offers a proven, step-by-step process for collaborative community building.

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